How To Care For Your Handbags


Your Weekly Care Guide:

Step 1: 

Gently clean with a fragrance-free baby wipe: At the end of each week, wipe the exterior of your bag with an alcohol-free baby wipe—it’s gentle enough for your bag, but will still take the dirt off.

Step 2:

Use leather conditioner: To keep your handbag soft & clean, invest in leather conditioner! It’ll prevent unsightly cracks with consistent use.

Follow These Tips For Long-Term Care

To Remove Oil Spots: For unexpected oil stains, treat with baby powder. Just sprinkle over the spot and let it sit overnight. Repeat as needed.

To Remove Dirt: Brush the dirt off your shoulders (or bag!). To remove dirt from real suede, use a pencil eraser to remove the scuff or stain.

To Remove Ink Stains: Use rubbing alcohol to remove pen marks. Just be sure to test this method on an inconspicuous area first.

To Preserve: Keep your leather goods out of the sun to prevent fading and cracking. The best way to store your purse is in a dust bag in a cool, dark place.


Your Weekly Care Guide:

Microfiber the dirt away: Once a week, dust your purse with a thick microfiber cloth to remove dust & other loose debris.

Gently clean with a baby wipe: Just like caring for your real leather bag, wipe your faux leather bag with an alcohol-free baby wipe.

Follow These Tips For Long-Term Care

To Remove Dirt: Remove dirt from the outside & inside with a simple soap solution. Mix warm water with a pea-sized amount of mild liquid detergent, then wipe with a sponge.

To Remove Stubborn Stains: For particularly soiled areas—like ink stains or pencil marks—apply rubbing alcohol to the affected area. Try testing this method in a subtle spot first to be sure it won’t take off any color.

To Clean Up: When applying cleaner, don’t forget to rinse so the soap suds don’t get lodged in the porous fabric.

To Prevent Odor: The best way is to let it air out. To help speed up the process, stuff it or wrap it in newspaper (it miraculously absorbs the smell).

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