A Man's Guide To Buying The Right Belt

Avoiding the Cheap Belt
The lure of the cheap belt is strong.

Some come in multipacks where you can get two for the price of one while others look nice upon first glance but probably won’t stand the test of time.

Over the years, I’ve had many inexpensive belts that ended up being a waste of money.

Belts that were marked as leather, but in reality were brittle and covered with coloring would look less than flattering after a few uses.

Very low quality leather rarely looks nice for long.

Worn out belts give off the impression you don’t care about your look, and since you’re a Real Men Real Style reader, we know this is not true.

Now is the time to get rid of those worn out belts and get ones that better present you and your style.

Belts Serve a Purpose
A belt that does its job properly divides the torso from the lower body. A belt can coordinate to a pair of shoes or make a bold statement with a contrasting color.
As an example, envision someone wearing a belt with a nice pair of jeans or a suit.

If the suit is well tailored or the jeans the correct style for the individual, the belt will be an accessory that catches the eye.

Belts are an add on-piece that can enhance your clothing choice and give you a more complete look.

You may not always wear a belt, but if your pants have belt loops, you should consider wearing one to add some transition to your shirt and trousers.

Finding the Right Belt for You
Now that you see how belts serve a purpose, the next step is to discover which style is right for you.

There is no shortage of belts out there.

Some are narrow with small buckles that look great with a suit but not suitable for more casual looks.

On the other end of the spectrum – There are also large and bold varieties with stamped images along the leather and a large belt buckle – picture the winner of a rodeo championship.

If you only want one belt, be sure you find a color and style that will go with your general clothing choices.

Black is a solid color that will go with anything so find one that caters to your lifestyle.

Good belts don’t cost a fortune, so splurge and get a quality belt that will last.

Many men have multiple belts for various occasions, which is ideal.